Saturday, May 27, 2017

Just Get Used to IT..... repost

I was watching the news today about yesterday's suicide bomber in Manchester.  One of the talking heads was saying that they will just have to get used to it....

What??? There's evil people in this world and you will just have to get used to it!  Your young people are injured, dismembered or even killed in bombings and you'll just have to get used to it.  Really.... You are going to be abused by evil people even now more with the radical terrorists flooding all of our countries and we just need to get used to it.  Where's the anger, where have all the men gone?  I'm not attacking "men" it's just we have all become soft little weak girls.  We (as nations) will cry about injustices but we never do anything about it.  Where's all the Dirty Harrys out there.  I know they've blackballed us all into thinking that those who stand up are radical, ANGRY, something wrong with us, need psychological help.  Yesterday Clint Eastwood stood up and made a speech about just this we've "become pussies" forgive my language it's a quote and it's so true.  Is it too late for all of us?  The church has brainwashed everyone with the messages in beatle's songs; all you need is LOVE, Let it be... There might as well have been songs that say bend over and take it, just get used to it.  It's ok church just go back to sleep, continue with your potlucks, fundraisers and such.  Is there any outrage left anywhere?  Our globalists, narcissistic governments let in these terrorists into all their countries including the USA.  The news on the tv will minimize the damage and only tell you what they want you to hear.  The news which is really propaganda for the globalists, is not reporting what's really happening.  It's funny how they spew venom about feminism and claim to have women's rights in their interest while letting terrorists in the back door who rape, abuse, beat and murder women oh and children they're not picky.  We used to be one nation under God but that's not been that way for a really long time.  Soon it will be one nation under allah if we don't do something, but sadly we probably won't because everyone so so afraid of being called racist if they say anything different than what they are brainwashing.  It's not racist to want to protect your country, your people.  We aren't racist we don't hate them, although maybe we should; just stay the hell out of my country, keep your damn suicide bombs in your own toilet of a country.  Oh and the globalists always... ALWAYS uses women and children.  Oh the poor women and children while really they're letting in military aged angry young men who just want to rape, kill, pillage and plunder.  The globalists wants to eliminate most of us, we're easier to manage when there are less of us.  Truthfully we are easy enough to manage now because nobody fights back we just bend over and take it because we don't want to be called racists, haters of other races.  I love all races except terrorists, we all bleed red blood.  I don't love those who intentionally hurt others.  Wake up church, listen up you cannot love terrorists into being better people.  You cannot love them into converting to christianity.  No they hate us with every fiber of their being; this is how we SHOULD feel about evil.  God hates, that's right he loves good but he hates evil shouldn't we do what our Father does?  Is God racist because he hates evil?  No God is just and fair, all men (as in mankind the human race) have the right to be good or bad it's totally up to each one of us but there are consequences to our actions and choices, you are allowed to repent if you realize you screwed up we all do.   In the end there will be no excuses, when we stand before God each one of us will be responsible for our own actions.  This includes following the crowd, doing nothing allowing evil to take over our countries. 

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